Silicone strap



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Silicone strap

Silicone band is soft in touch. It is more economical as compared to rubber and has more elasticity. Another difference between the two is that silicone cracks easily, and thus; it is not fit for rugged use. Since it is entirely synthetic, even the smallest particles get easily stuck to the surface of the watch. Therefore, it is quite capable of becoming a hub for various bacteria and infections. This also means that silicone watch bands appear to be dirty way more quickly as compared to rubber watch bands. Silicone watch bands require constant cleaning.

Key Features

It is non-reactive, and therefore, the risk of allergies reduces significantly with this material. The use of silicone has been on the rise lately, and it is used largely by the beauty and manufacturing industry. This material is very breathable, and therefore, it does not feel uncomfortable to wear silicone watch bands during summers. They are available in a wide variety of colors, giving the consumers many options to choose from.


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